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Welcome to the My Marvelous Obssession blog, an extension of the My Marvelous Obssession community on Facebook and Twitter.

I started My Marvelous Obssession back in February when I realized that the majority of memes I was sharing on a multifandom page were all Marvel memes. I decided that instead of overloading someone else’s page with Marvel content, I’d create my own space to geek out about the Marvel Cinematic Universe as much as I wanted without going overboard on a page that was supposed to be multifandom.

At first, I was posting memes into the void, not really caring if anyone saw my posts or not. I was doing this for my own enjoyment and not for anyone else’s. My friends helped me promote my page, and before I knew it, I had nine likes. I was perfectly content with nine likes. It was more than I hoped for, and if the page were still that small, I’d still be content.

I had no set goals in mind when I started my page. I was thinking that maybe a thousand likes before the end of this year was a reasonable goal, though I didn’t think I’d reach it. It blew my mind when I reached 100 page members before My Marvelous Obssession’s first month, and I definitely wasn’t expecting nearly two thousand likes after six months! I’m amazed at well the page is doing after only half a year in existence!

In July, I brought some other administrators on board because the page was growing rapidly, and it was becoming more than I could handle on my own.The page has been even more successful with the help of a couple of friends from the admin community I’m involved with, and a group of admins, now friends, who survived the trial period before becoming permanent admins on this page. I love them all dearly and this community would be nothing without them. ❤️

I’m excited for our community’s future, and am dreaming up ways for our community to grow, and thinking of new ways to engage with our page members. If you have any suggestions for us, you can inbox the blog site, message us on Facebook at My Marvelous Obssession, or on Twitter @Marvelobssessed.

On this blog, I’ll be writing movie reviews along with reviews of a few of the TV shows. The first movie review will be for Infinity War. I’ll also be posting updates on activities on our social media page including things like contests, or sharing my opinions on things like casting news or controversies. Basically, anything that suits my fancy as long as it’s Marvel related.

I’m so thankful for all the people I get to interact with everyday. Thank you for liking our page. Without you, there’d be no My Marvelous Obssession. Keep calm and Marvel on!

Captain Stark,

Over and out!

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