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What If? Review

Q: What If this show never got made? A: Nothing of value would be lost.

When this show was first announced back in 2019, I was excited. I love animation. I love Marvel. The two together sounded like the perfect combination. Turns out, I was wrong. I realize that I’m in the minority of fans who feel this way, but I didn’t like it.
It’s not a bad show content-wise. The language and violence are typical of every Marvel movie and show that has come before it. The animation was interesting and unique to look at. Some of the concepts were great like Peggy Carter as Captain Britain and Evil Doctor Strange. Though I’d prefer to see both these stories in live-action.

Most of the episodes were boring. Killing the Avengers, and killing Tony Stark in particular, is so overdone. At least 4 times in 9 episodes. Really? Was this even necessary? Wasn’t Endgame enough?! The zombies episode was meh, but to be completely fair I’m not a zombie fan anyway. Thanos as a good guy even in an alternate reality scenario still isn’t believable.

The show has its moments, Jotun laid-back Loki being my favorite. There’s only one episode that I enjoyed: What if Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hands? The entire episode felt like it was ripped straight out of a Doctor Strange comic book, and it got me excited for all the possibilities in the upcoming sequel Multiverse of Madness. The rest felt like crazy fanfiction. Most will enjoy it, but it doesn’t feel like you’ll miss out on anything if you skip it

And with this, my first truly negative Marvel review, I think I’ll go into hiding.

Over and out,

Captain Stark


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