Deaf Clint, Two Spideys, WandaVision Oh, My!

Entertainment Weekly released their latest magazine where upcoming Disney Plus show, WandaVision takes center stage on the cover.

Four new gorgeous black and white stills were also released.

I spot Speed and Wiccan!
I’m getting total Dick Van Dyke Show Vibes!
Welcome to the fifties!
Bewitched by the Scarlet Witch. Sam, is that you?

Here’s the link to the cover story. It was so much fun to read!

WandaVision will debut on Disney Plus on January 15, 2021.

Murphy’s Multiverse revealed that WandaVision will receive a Behind the Scenes Gallery series similar to what Star Wars did with The Mandalorian. I hope this means we eventually get a Behind the Scenes look at Loki and Falcon and Winter Soldier as well.

Small Screen has reported that Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man will make a cameo appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Andrew Garfield is in talks to reprise his Spidey as well. If this true, perhaps rumors of a live action Spiderverse movie are true too.

Ryan Reynolds will reportedly be making his MCU debut as Deadpool in the Doctor Strange sequel as well.

Charles Murphy, of Murphy’s Multiverse, has reported that Ms. Marvel has started filming in Atlanta.

As of November 13th, Loki has 4-5 weeks of filming left according to Executive Vice President Victoria Alonso.

Murphy’s Multiverse has reported that Clint Barton will be going deaf during the Hawkeye show.

According to a casting notice, “They are actively looking for a middle-aged Chinese audiologist, who works in a rundown building and is off-the-books.”

This is something that fans have wanted to see happen for a long time. Now it seems like is finally happening.

Chris Pratt has confirmed that he’ll be reprising his role as Star Lord in Thor: Love and Thunder.



According to Daniel Richtman, Ryan Reynolds wants to spend more time out of the Deadpool mask in future MCU Projects.

It’s been rumored by Geekosity’s Mikey Sutton that Iron Fist will make his MCU debut in Shang-Chi 2. Finn Jones is unlikely to return as Iron Fist:

Shang-Chi 2 is looking increasingly like the movie for Iron Fist to make his cinematic debut. The chances of Finn Jones reprising the role are dim, though. According to my sources, Kevin Feige was not particularly impressed with Netflix’ Iron Fist. Out of all the Defenders series on Netflix, it certainly had the most polarized response by the fans and the critics weren’t exactly knocked out, either. Limited in budget and lacking in the intense and believable fight choreography to pull it off, Iron Fist simply didn’t fulfill its potential.

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Ms. Marvel Has Been Cast

The Direct reported that Madame Masque, a villain in both the Hawkeye and Kate Bishop comics, will have a supporting role to play in the Hawkeye Disney Plus series.

Fandom Wire reported Mocking Bird, played by Adrianne Palicki in Agents of Shield, will be recast for the Hawkeye series.

The Direct reported that four supporting  characters for Ms. Marvel are being cast, including Sheikh Abdullah. Here’s his casting description:


According to The Illuminerdi, they’ve confirmed that Echo AKA Maya Lopez will appear in the Hawkeye series. The possibility of Echo appearing in Hawkeye was reported by Murphy’s Multiverse months earlier.

Deadline reported that Ms. Marvel has been cast! Iman Vellani,  a currently unknown actress , will be playing the titular role in the Disney Plus series. Congratulations to her, and I can’t wait to see what she does with this role!

In an interview with Watch Time India, Benedict Cumberbatch revealed that filming for the Doctor Strange sequel will begin “in late October or early November.”

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Jamie Foxx will reprise his role of Electro in Spider-Man 3. He previously played the character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And according to a now deleted Instagram post, Electro won’t be sporting his icy blue exterior like last time.

Daniel RPK JUST revealed, via his Patreon, the rumor that Kevin Feige is interested in signing Ryan Reynolds to the BIGGEST deal in Marvel history!!!! This potentially means he could be signed to a 10 picture deal at least! Let’s cross our fingers and toes that this happens. It’s clear, no matter what happens, Deadpool is here to stay!

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Disney+ Shows: Marvel Edition Part 2

Marvel News


Here are more BTS photos from Falcon and Winter Soldier from Just Jared:


In an Instagram Q&A James Gunn said that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will not start filming for a “year or so.”

Marvel Studios Executive Vice President of Production Victoria Alonso had this to say to Cinemablend about the future of Stan Lee’s MCU cameos:

“Stan Lee is not replaceable. So we will never try. That is the legend, the man, we will never try to replace him. Other people will come around, and then you have someone as phenomenally creative as [Marvel Studios president] Kevin Feige, but there’s only one Stan Lee.”

Good! I’m sad that this era is over, but they’re right about Stan being irreplaceable. I’m glad that they’re not even trying!

Marvel has announced that we will be getting a “Special Look” at Black Widow during the college national football championship on January 13.

Murphy’s Multiverse reported that Marvel is currently casting ring announcers for Shang-Chi. This could confirm a film plot leak. If this proves true, the link to the article I’m about to share with you could be super spoilerly. Proceed with caution:

EXCLUSIVE: SHANG-CHI Casting For Ring Announcers; Could Support Longstanding Tournament “Leak”

When the Christmas filming break for Falcon and Winter Soldier begins again, production will move to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

Due to a photo from Twitter user, Luke Hatcher seems to confirm that part of Falcon and Winter Soldier will take place on the fictional island of Madripoor, a location tied with the X-Men and Wolverine. Hmmm…

To see the photo, you can go here:


Scooper Daniel Ritchman shared via his Patreon that Tom Holland is “in talks” for a cameo in Venom 2.




There’s a rumor which cannot currently be confirmed about WandaVision courtesy of Murphy’s Multiverse:

An actress, Shelia Knox, took to Twitter to announce her being cast in the show. She also tweeted “Doomstadt in Helen! (Georgia). Doomstadt is the birthplace of Victor Von Doom. Hmmm. Planting seeds. Maybe?

For more speculation, you can check out the article here:

Crazy Christmas Rumor: ‘WANDAVISION’ Will Introduce Doomstadt



Non-Marvel Related News


Jon Favreau announced that season 2 of The Mandalorian will premiere in Fall 2020.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Zachary Levi (Fandral in the Thor franchise) has joined the cast of Benedict Cumberbatch’s new movie Prisoner 760.



‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ Disney+ Details

Another week. Another update! *Crickets continue to chirp.*

Marvel News


Deadline recently reported on a bunch of  interesting details about the upcoming Falcon and Winter Soldier Disney+ show:

1. It will premiere in August 2020. (So far away!)

2. Kari Shogland (The Handmaid’s Tale) will direct all six episodes.

3. Daniel Bruhl and Emily VanCamp will be reprising their roles as Zemo and Sharon Carter respectively.

4. The show will be about Sam Wilson as he deals with accepting the shield and the responsibility of becoming Captain America.


HN Entertainment has reported that Black Widow is expected to be filming scenes in Budapest, Hungary.

So does that mean that we finally get to find out what happened in Budapest?! Please, Marvel! I need to know!


Several posters were released for Spider-Man: Far from Home.



Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse will be released on Netflix on June 26th.

Jessica Jones season three will be released on Netflix in June.

HN Entertainment reported that filming for The Eternals will mostly take place at Pinewood Studios UK.



MCU Cosmic reported that there are several options Marvel is considering to integrate Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool into the MCU:

1. A new solo film. Maybe Deadpool 3.

2. A Disney+ limited series

3. A guest starring role in Spider-Man 3.

The guy behind MCU Cosmic, Jeremy Conrad, has said that his source “has delivered 100% for me in the past.” It will be interesting to see if any one of these pans out.

On Murphy’s Law podcast, Charles Murphy shared an interesting rumor about the upcoming WandaVision:

“I’ve heard that as this show unfolds, it’s gonna find Wanda really starting to come into her powerset and that the reality-altering powers from the comic are gonna make their way into MCU.”

Keep in mind that these are just rumors and that NOTHING HAS BEEN CONFIRMED by Marvel Studios or anyone affiliated with them!!!


Non-Marvel Related Projects


A poster for The Current War starring Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch has been released.


It will be released in theaters in the United States on October 4th.

Deadline reported that Michael Peña will play the villain in the upcoming Tom and Jerry live-action/animation hybrid film from Warner Brothers.

The Hollywood Reporter reported the release date for Taika Waititi’s live-action anime adaptation Akira will be released in theaters on May 21, 2021.

EW reported that Chris Pratt will be reprising his role as Owen Grady in a new Jurassic World  ride at Universal Studios Hollywood.

@BorysKit reported that Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Kenneth Branagh have joined the cast for Christopher Nolan’s latest film Tenet.


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