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Murphy’s Multiverse reported that Marvel is starting the casting search for a “deaf female, Native American, First Nations, Indigenous or Latinx, 18 or older, to play the role of “Malia” in an upcoming Disney Plus series set to shoot this Fall.” This casting description could be describing Maria Lopez AKA Echo. Marvel’s casting director, Sarah Finn is looking for an actress who is “independent, athletic and bright.” There’s no word on what project Echo could show up in, though it’s being speculated that she could appear in Hawkeye. Another important thing to note is that Maria Lopez is one of the main deaf characters in Marvel Comics. Having her in the MCU would be a huge win for the Deaf community and disability representation in general!

For a more in-depth description of Echos’ comic book history, you can go here:

Marvel Studios May Be Casting Their Echo

Falcon and Winter Soldier is rumored to still be streaming in 2020, thanks to an Instagram post from Anthony Mackies’ make up artist, Latoya Henderson (filmartist_toya).


Filming could restart in the Czech Republic in late July/earlyAugust!

Salma Hyek shared on Instagram that reshoots for Eternals will begin soon, and Sophia Di Martino shared on Instagram a picture of a Zoom meeting with her stunt double. This has sparked rumors that Loki could resume filming as well.


Marvel is still searching for their Ms. Marvel,   and hope to begin filming the Ms. Marvel Disney+ series later this summer.

Kevin Smith from Yahoo Sports has reported that returning NBA players (who stay at Walt Disney World during the season) could be getting the chance to see unreleased Disney films potentially including Black Widow in the mix. So, anyone interested in being a pro basketball player? 😂

MCU Cosmic has reported several things this week:

1. Pop in the Box has announced an exclusive Wanda Funko Pop just in time for the original WandaVision release month, December. It’s possible that we could still see see WandaVision this year! It hasn’t been con firmed so just in case, don’t get your hopes up to high.

2. Marvel Studios has approached Mandalorian director Deborah Chow about several Marvel projects. It’s unknown about what projects she could take on. Jeremy Conrad speculates that it could be Captain Marvel 2 or a Disney Plus series like the rumored Secret Invasion series.

3. Daniel Richtman reported that Firestar, Mutant and member of the New Warriors, could be making her debut in the MCU soon. This could mean that Marvel is starting to build a cinematic New Warriors team as well.

4. Marvel is planning on Lucia Von Bardas, in the comics she Dr. Doom’s successor, but Jeremy speculates that Lucia could be how they eventually introduce Doctor Doom in the MCU. For more speculation, you can go here:

Marvel is Beginning to Lay the Groundwork For Their Greatest Villain in the MCU


Non Marvel Related News


Yahoo News reported that Benedict Cumberbatch will be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year. Don Cheadle and Josh Brolin will be receiving stars as well!

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